Naeem Sarmad the upcoming and budding Shayar from the erstwhile land of Ghalib, the mystical Delhi. Brought up and educated in Moradabad, he has been exposed to the fine taste of music and poetry and Shayari from a very young age as his father was an ardent lover and connoisseur of music ,specially Qawwalis and Ghazals by the stalwarts of his time. His initial education has been in Persian and Urdu which inculcated in him the love of Shayari and he started writing Shers and Ash'aars from his teens. His education and upbringing has molded in him the sense of exploration and inquisition in life. His past strong religious learnings had him writing naat, marsiya, hamd etc. with equal case as he writes the philosophical verses today. He keeps on constantly challenging himself, searching his own conscience for the higher self and keep building and rebuilding himself. He strongly believes in doing his writing in the spoken language which comes easily as well as expresses deepest emotions easily. A strong believer in existentialism, he believes that with time and will a man keeps changing his choices and desires so as to develop in the truest sense. Though he is the admirer of classic shayars like Meer, Rumi and Shirazi , his first love remains Ghalib, the intelligent writer who never let his language overcome his beauty of emotions neither did he let his poetic verses compromise the purity of language.