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Re-Conversion of Hagia Sophia

On Mehmet-II and Hadith on Constantinople

1- History of the Conquest
2 – Ahadith pertaining to Conquest

People often draw parallels between Modi and Erdogan. Erdogan has proved the conjecture by getting Hagia Sophia converted into a Mosque , not to mention his authoritarian nature , and invoking Islam while dancing in the lap of NATO.

Should we as muslims , like Hindus in case of Babri, silently let this decision be recorded in annals without presenting our dissent though materially feeble it may be ? Should we who taught the world not worship kings sing ode to them ?

Hagia Sophia , a Kaba for eastern orthodox Christians , was a Cathedral built in 6th century by Emperor Justinian. The city, Constantinople was always in view of evil eyes of looters and aggressors in the name of religion. Crusaders sacked it in 1204 , and carried out spree of looting raping killing and arson , an act that would be repeated by Mehmet II in 1453.

C.R.N Routh in ‘They saw it happen in Europe; an anthology of eyewitnesses’ accounts of events in European history, 1450-1600‘ writes

“On May 29th the city fell and there ensued the wildest scenes of butchery and distractions by Turks. Nothing will equal horror of this harrowing and terrible spectacle. People frightened by shouting ran out of the houses and were cut down by the sword before they could know what was happening.And some were massacred in their houses where they tried to hide, and some in churches where they sought refuge. The enraged turk soldiers….. gave no quarter.When they had massacred and there was no longer resistance , they were intent on pillage and roamed through the town stealing, disrobing , pillaging , raping , taking captive men , women children , old men, young men, monks, priests , people of all sorts and conditions.There were virgins who awoke from troubled sleep to find those brigands standing over them with bloody hands and faces full of abject fury.These medley of all nations , these frantic brutes stormed into their houses , dragged them, tore them, forced them, dishonoured them ,raped them at cross roads and made them submit to the most terrible outrages……Old men of venerable appearance were dragged by their white hair and piteously beaten. Priests were taken in captivity in batches as well as reverend virgins , hermits and recluses who were dedicated to God alone…Tender children were brutally snatched from their mother breasts…..Temples were desecrated ,ransacked and pillaged.”

He further wrote destruction was so severe that even Mehmet II’ heart was filled with sorrow at the destruction. Mehmet II’s nefariousity is confined not just to the conquest.
He infact legalised  fratricide and codified in following words :

“Any of my sons  ascend the throne, it  acceptable for him to kill his brothers for the common benefit of the people (nizam-i alem). The majority of the ulama (muslim scholars) have approved this; let action be taken accordingly.”

( Constantinople the last great siege 1453 by  Roger Crowley ).

Muslims often direct Ahadith of Conquest of Constantinople to this Despotic guy. The Prophet ﷺ is reported to have said, ‘Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will her leader be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!’ [Musnad Ahmad, Al Hakim, al Jami’ al Saghir]

I ask the readers to decide if it is Mehmet-II , a savage, whom Prophet S.A is referring to ?

Furthermore , Mehmet-II was well educated in Islamic sciences. He and his-like-minded Ulema created mischief also in field of islamic knowledge . Only an evil genius like him could do. As pointed out by Sheikh Imran Nazar Hossein, Ahadith regarding the conquest are refering to end times if looked in a holistic manner,  and Ameer whom Prophet Mubammad S.A is praising is infact Mehdi A.S.  It would be evident from following Ahadith.

‘The great Malhamah* , the conquest of Constantinople, and the coming of the Dajjal occur in (the span of) seven months.’ [al Tirmidhi, abu Dawud]

Footnotes : Malhamah in Muslim eschatology or Armageddon in Christian eschatology is a great war to be fought between good and evil powers in end times.

‘They will conquer Constantinople with Tasbih and Takbir and will acquire such spoils of war as has never been seen before.’ [Ibn Majah]

They [the Muslims] will then fight and a third of the army would run away, whom Allah will never forgive. A third which would be constituted of excellent martyrs in Allah’s eye, would be killed, and the third who would never be put to trial would win and they would be conquerors of Constantinople’

[Sahih Muslim]

Inspite of all these facts , if a person chooses to support conversion, he must not baby cry on Babri or Cordoba Mosque. In response to what Erdogan said , “Those who remain silent when Masjid Al Aqsa is attacked, trampled, its windows smashed, cannot tell us what to do about the status of Hagia Sofia” – Firstly that Our morality or course of actions is not dependent on what others have or do. A famous line from movie Omar Mukhtar sums it up as : ‘They are not our teachers’.

Erdogan’s devious move would only set a precedent for Israel’s Temple of Solomon project. I can not digest that turkey is not aware that it would enbitter relations with Russia. Erdogan Under garb of strongman resisting NATO is actually serving it.

Completed Diploma in Civil Engineering from JAMIA Millia Islamia. Currently working in Building Construction Department Bihar.

2 comments On Re-Conversion of Hagia Sophia

  • Hagia Sophia was built 100 years BEFORE Islαm was even born.

    Yet they made it a Mosque before our very eyes using their majority strength.

    This exposes claims like “It is Haram to build Mosques on religious sites of others” that were given as arguments for Babri & other Mosques.

    With reconversion of Hagia Sophia, both Abrahamic cults have revived their 900 year old war for it.

    What is overlooked is the fact that Hagia Sophia was constructed by a PAGAN named Phokas.

    Even that act couldn’t save him. He eventually died during the king’s anti pagan purge

    • There is scholarly literature backing it

      From “The Making of Hagia Sophia and the Last Pagans of New Rome”, Journal of Late Antiquity 6 (2014) 347-366 (The Johns Hopkins University Press)

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