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What is Pasmanda?

“Pasmāndā” is derived from the Persian language, combining the words “pās” and “māndā.” “Pās” means behind, and “māndā” means left behind, implying being left behind. In colloquial language, the term “pasmāndā” is used for those communities that have lagged behind in the race of development. In common parlance, it’s akin to the term “bahujan,” encompassing the OBC, SC, and ST communities among Muslims.

Why is there the need of this platform?

Within the Muslim community, discrimination and marginalization by pasmāndā communities have emerged as reactions to discrimination and marginalization. The aim of this movement is to awaken and alert the Indian-origin pasmāndā Muslim society against the dominance and conspiracies of the Ashraaf community in their strong political, social, and cultural opposition. The endeavor of this movement is to make the pasmāndā society a participant in the democratic system and to awaken them to the rights and duties conferred by the Constitution, thereby fostering comprehensive development in their educational, social, economic, political, scientific, and cultural thinking and development.

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